Thursday, August 16, 2007

Environment Creation

Hey everyone I wanted to kind of overview real quick the time frame involved in creating my levels/environments. I create them in about a day or so, mainly the second day deals with the lighting aspect which will make or break the piece. I work with either Maya or Max and really there pretty close. If I'm using Maya its Renderman or MentalRay, Max its Vray. Everything is set up for use within the Unreal engine. Hope that helps it you need anything shoot me an emal at


Suzanne said...

I just have to say wow! A friend of mine sent me a link to show me things you posted on and it blew my mind, so I followed your link to your blog here. This is stunningly amazing work! We've both been active on an certain art website (I write, she draws and is going to school for 3d modeling), and we don't see nearly the talent there as we see here in your work. I wish the best of luck!

Ty said...

Metal! Your work is tremendous. And the outright variety is impressive.
Very very well done. Must be in the genes, eh?